What Can You Get at the Farmers Markets in Boston, MA?

As a farm-to-table catering company, we’re big fans of the farmers markets in Boston, Massachusetts. If not, you’re missing out on some of the freshest produce and tastiest food items available. Most people don’t realize the farmers markets sell tons of fruits and vegetables but often have lots of other great items to offer to those who shop there. If you’ve never been to one of these markets, consider taking a trip to one of the many local farmers markets in the area to see what you can find.

fresh vegetables in bostonFresh Produce

One of the reasons many people like to visit the farmers markets is to check out the fresh produce. The produce is often much tastier, fresher, and even slightly cheaper than it is at the local chain grocery stores. You never know what you’ll find while you’re visiting the market. Some of the different types of produce that may be available for you to purchase include corn on the cob, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, and squash.

The types of produce you’ll find will vary based on the season. It all depends on when you’re visiting some of these farmers markets because certain types of produce are readily available during certain months throughout the year.

Baked Treatsboston farmers market bread products

In addition to the fresh produce, some farmers markets sell assorted baked goods and treats that customers are sure to love. Some of these baked goods include baguettes, bagels, muffins, assorted breads, and even pies. They may use some of the fresh locally grown produce to prepare tasty, wholesome pies that you can eat as a snack while at home or serve as dessert after having dinner with the family. The baked goods have such great flavor and are better than anything you’d buy at a traditional grocery store because everything is so fresh.


Did you know some of the people working at the farmers market may sell honey that comes directly from local bees? If you’ve never had an opportunity to taste fresh honey without all the added preservatives, now is your time to grab some while you can. There is something so naturally sweet and flavorful about fresh honey that isn’t processed or stored on a shelf for several months at a time.

Once you purchase the honey, you can use it on all kinds of things, including pancakes, oatmeal, biscuits, and even baked chicken. You may want to use it as a glaze for some of the vegetables you’ve purchased at the farmers market, such as those fresh carrots or potatoes.

The local farmers markets in Boston, MA have so much to offer to those who shop there. While they’re known for their impressive variety of fresh produce, they often have even more to offer to customers, such as assorted baked good, sweet treats, honey, and even some spices. If you want to purchase some fresh ingredients to use when preparing different meals, you should visit one of the many farmers markets in the area. You won’t be disappointed with what you find while you’re there.