Instagram post 2114217991993321574_10448465768 "Stay in your lane" or in our case the kitchen and front of house. We know what we're good at and when it's time to hire talent. We're looking for a talented part time marketing associate. DM for info.
photo by @elizabethladuca
Instagram post 2111190419491687825_10448465768 This elegant gem on the menu: burrata with Paolo Bea olive oil and sea salt
Instagram post 2106634054152523997_10448465768 F is also for Friday, figs, fennel and fishes! All of which we're celebrating in the cafe today. Come feast on bronzino roasted with fennel and pastis, fish and chips, roasted clams, and fig clafoutis.
Instagram post 2105438514991844515_10448465768 Tomatoes are here!!! Need we say more?  Thank you @bucklefarm !  We will have them for sale and on the menu for as long as we can get them!  Thank you @johnfrancisdesigns for the perfect tomato displays.  #tomatoes #summerharvest #summerfruits #eatseasonally
Instagram post 2103057295708633004_10448465768 Tina making loads of ricotta gnocchi by hand. One by one.  We've been lucky to have Tina and Titena this summer, even luckier they've decided to stay on to work with us during the school year. And we're going to need them in September when we open for dinner and Sunday family lunch. These girls are talented, ambitious, funny and strong. It is so inspiring to see the next generation of Lynn making their mark.
Instagram post 2101674311843602546_10448465768 Patti from @ontheedgeknife will be sharpening knives here @lydiapinkhamlabs , tomorrow, Saturday August 3, starting at 11:30am!  Come by with your knives and grab a drink or a bite while you wait!
Instagram post 2100953119205823181_10448465768 I posted this on our story line yesterday but I love this picture so much I wanted it saved to our feed.  Thank you @kathleenmichelle for the beautiful capture!
Instagram post 2096473333938856342_10448465768 We're so excited our Uncommon chai is now available outside of our Lynn restaurant and especially thrilled to be included in the @remnantbrewing cafe line up!
#Repost @remnantbrewing
• • • • • •
We are proud to offer a very special chai blend. Uncommon Chai is a collaboration between @uncommonfeastscafe and @curiospice . Based out of Lynn, MA Uncommon Feasts is an independent catering, cafe, and events space known for its locally-sourced, love-driven and hand crafted cuisine. If you haven't visited Curio Spice - you simply must! Located just off Mass Ave in Cambridge, Curio is an independent, woman-owned benefit corp specializing in directly sourced, sustainably-produced spices from around the world. They offer unique blends, hard to find spices, tools, and culinary tools all on location. This peppery, aromatic Masala Chai is made with a careful blend of black tea, Ceylon cinnamon, black pepper, bay, ginger, cardamom, and clove. Come by to try this exquisite blend!⠀
#chaitea #chailove #teatime #lovetea #icedchai #cafe #neighborhoodcafe #coffeegram #masalachai #cambridgema #curiospice #spices #spiceblend #somervillema #discoverusq #collab #bostontea #bostoncoffee
Instagram post 2092204075771940750_10448465768 So this is happening now! Thank you @soulcity_yoga  for braving the hot summer morning and having your Saturday 9:00 am  class in our space. 😘  We love being part of this vibrant @lydiapinkhamlabs
Instagram post 2090079544605177490_10448465768 Uncommon Happenings @lydiapinkhamlabs!  Interested in sharing urban gardening tips, canning and fermenting, producing food and eating locally?  The Lynn Urban Homesteaders will be hosting their inaugural meet-up here this Saturday, July 20 at 1:30pm!  And next weekend, it’s the Lydia Pinkham Summer Studio Sale!! On Saturday, July 27, from 10am-6pm, come peer through the open doors of the remarkable artists, artisans, and crafts folk who make our home here.  And grab a bite to eat as well!  #eatlocal #eatlocallygrown #urbanhomesteaders #artistsinresidence
Instagram post 2089218587700228727_10448465768 My mother in law passed away a year ago today. I can still hardly believe it since I quite honestly thought she'd live forever. She has been my main inspiration and seemed super human to me. I met her when I was 21 so have known her for my entire adult life and the latter part of her life. When she retired from a life time of academic grant writing to intern in a Boston gallery so she'd be knowledgeable enough to open her own contemporary art gallery in Maine. She withstood the devastating sudden loss of her husband. Closed up the gallery and was a Vista volunteer on the Ute reservation in Durango CO. living in a trailer. Then spent to rest of her life painting and traveling. As I struggled to balance my ambition  while raising my children she told me life is long. That single bit of advice kept and keeps me going.  I think about her every day. She informs everything I do in ways that are so ingrained they are barely noticeable to me. She gave me most of my food memories which are entirely about good food shared with people you love, with a few good drinks and music. When writing up this weeks menu I realized there a few things on there that are meals we ate together.  I wish she could see what Marianne and I have built I know she'd love it.
Instagram post 2085097468315525301_10448465768 I cannot tell you how long I have been dreaming of this!  Beautiful organic bouquets from the garden of Hannah Buckle @bucklefarm for sale in our cafe!  #thesmellofsummer #summercolors
Instagram post 2079848223301625431_10448465768 Happy birthday MFK Fisher. A major inspiration. How could she not be with this gem "it seems to me that our three basic needs, for food and security and love, are so mingled and entwined that we cannot straightly think of one without the others. So it happens that when I write of hunger, I am really writing about love and the hunger for it, and warmth and the love of it and the hunger for it...and then the warmth and richness and fine reality of hunger satisfied..." Yup! In honor of her and  thanks to @mushroomsformyfriends  chanterelles with eggs on the menu today.
Instagram post 2079173905289031223_10448465768 Happy 4th of July Week!  We’ll be closed on the holiday, but open regular hours the rest of the week - 9am-6pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday; 10am-2pm Saturday Brunch!  #fourthofjuly #4thofjuly #happyfourth
Instagram post 2076300846542613236_10448465768 Join us for brunch tomorrow from 10-2 with beer and wine this week!. Bummed by the rainy Saturday?  from 3-5 Marianne will be pouring Portuguese and Spanish natural wines and we'll be setting out a buffet of lobster salad, cheese and meat boards and croque Monsieurs! And, before I forget @lebel_signs  and @brushandpenstudio will be working on our mural live and in person! $15.00 gets you in the door and feasting. All the rest is cash bar.
Photo by @ggabriella
Instagram post 2073584311386254706_10448465768 Feeling restored after our weekend and ready to get back to the cafe.  On the menu this week:  bronzino roasted on local fennel with pastis aioli, squash blossoms filled and fried, garlic scape pudding souffle, chicken tagine with beach rose harissa, orange blossom angel food cake with berries and cream. See you this week!
Styled by @catrinekelty photo by @ggabriella
Instagram post 2072177252753324480_10448465768 Summer hours!  Join us @lydiapinkhamlabs Tuesday through Friday, 9am-6pm, and on Saturdays for brunch, 10am-2pm.  Also be on the look-out for upcoming special, off-hours events!  #summerhours #eatlocal #eatnewengland #eatlynn
Instagram post 2071134286056245262_10448465768 Summer palette. Stuffed and fried or poached squash blossoms, slow roasted wild King salmon with rose butter, garlic scapes pudding souffle. On the menu today.  Strongly suggest you eat here where it's cozy.
Instagram post 2070421522568271213_10448465768 Join us for a cozy breakfast or lunch on this gloomy day. The lanterns will be lit, music playing and good food cooking.
Photo by @_abbylorenz  styled by @hummingbirdwed  ceramics by @couragegoodspottery