I have known Michelle and her meals for over a year. But, more than delivering food, Michelle has made us feel like she takes care of us; she has befriended us. The morning of Christmas Eve, Michelle dropped off a few dishes and a special bread. My twins were coloring in the kitchen and my husband was upstairs. When Michelle left, he came down and said, "She really likes you. It's like you guys have developed a relationship. I wonder whether she is like that with all of the people she cooks for?" My response..."I am sure she is."I love to cook for my family but I do not always have time to provide a home cooked meal. Sometimes I just want something special and as a mom of twins, I cannot go out to restaurants very often. This is when I order from Uncommon Feasts. I feel like I am ordering from a friend who cares about the health and well-being of my family when I order from Michelle.
Michelle, What a beautiful job you and your staff did last night.  Thank you for your delicious food beautifully presented, and for making everything so seamless and easy for me.  And thank you for working with me at the last minute, which certainly turned out fabulously well for me.
Here's the endorsement - and I mean it I’m absolutely delighted to unconditionally recommend Michelle and Uncommon Feasts. We asked Michelle to cater a cocktail party for 35 people at our house. We literally could not have been happier with how it went. It wasn’t just the food, which was a fantastic combination of flavors and textures. The entire experience of planning and executing the party was an absolute pleasure. Throughout the process Michelle offered many options, responded to all of our questions, offered great advice and was extraordinarily accommodating to each of our requests. On the night of the event everything went flawlessly – the food was tremendous, her team was a pleasure be with and the service they provided was perfect. At one point in the planning process Michelle said that her goal was for me to not have to worry about anything during the party. She achieved that goal. We had an event that was elegant, relaxed, carefree and delicious. A very large part of that is due to Michelle’s great work.
I have had the pleasure being the client of Uncommon Feasts for the few years.   The quality and care that have gone into growing this high quality food business is a testament to Michelle Mulford, the owner.   Michelle is an amazing cook that has a broad repertoire of culinary delights covering many cultures, styles and the full range of courses.   The offerings are well curated and delivered in thoughtful integrate  menus.  Most importantly, the food  from Uncommon Feasts is absolutely delicious.  It is also meticulously planned in its  execution, delivery and presentation – always on time and very flexible as it relates to menu planning.  Uncommon Feasts are truly uncommon, and always a crowd pleaser.  Michelle has a way of transforming seasonal, local and sustainable food into a delicious, nutritionally balanced exquisite cuisine.   Michelle through her company Uncommon Feasts transcends the ordinary,  making passion for food contagious.
Michelle is a treasure. Her menus are highly imaginative and beautifully executed and there is always careful attention to bringing out the true flavors in all she prepares. Her use of farm fresh products and locally sourced ingredients adds another uniqueness to her preparations. Michelle is thoughtful, reliable and always willing to help with a different menu concept if necessary.  I can't recommend her highly enough both as a cook who truly loves what she does and this love is reflected in each dish she prepares, but also as a person who brings with her a fabulous infectious energy and warmth. Another rare attribute that only adds to the high quality one quickly learns to expect, is her remarkable and artistic presentation both in the packaging and in the end result.
Hi Michelle, Happy New Year! Thank you so much again for a great evening at my house with my team . . . I loved how easy it was to work with you and how you came in and did your thing. Your presentation and choices of platters and dishes was perfect. So resourceful and I appreciate and loved that!
Uncommon Feasts is many things, but most of all it is delicious. Michelle is such a talented cook. Her meals are thoughtfully constructed and elegant and not pretentious. Crave-worthy food, beautifully prepared.
Michelle Mulford’s Uncommon Feasts are just that, truly uncommon feasts. Michelle’s menus are sophisticated without being fussy in turn raising the ordinary to extraordinary. Her food is rustic but refined, each bite leaving you wanting for more. From inspiration to purchase to preparation to presentation, the thoughtful care that is taken in each stage of her creating is evident. Michelle’s cooking is an absolute extension of who she is thus delivering food that is beautiful, refreshing, diverse and surprising. With each meal, Michelle creates a space and offers a piece of herself, a story, and the product is nourishing on so many levels. As a long time customer of Uncommon Feasts, Michelle has fed my family and many of my friends. We feel so incredibly grateful to be connected with a chef whose talents really are limitless and an individual whose passion and vision are awe inspiring. The simple beauty in Michelle’s work is undeniable!

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