All You Need To Know About Boston’s North End

Boston is considered to be one of the best cities in the US. Its rich and varied history, awe inspiring architecture, mouthwatering dishes and fun festivals and activities make it a popular tourist destination. Simply said, once you get here, you will definitely want to live, feel, see and taste more Boston.

The North End of Boston, Little Italy as its commonly referred to, is undoubtedly the crown jewel of this impressive city, and a must visit for travelers visiting Boston. A historical and cultural haven, this sea front neighborhood which is estimated to be a mile long also gives visitors the opportunity to take in impressive views of the city.

If you are yet to be convinced of the appeal of Boston’s North End, read on to learn more about the area.


historic north end bostonThe North End has definitely come a long way from being a small town inhabited by English puritans, who set foot in the area back in the 1600s, to what it is today. The neighborhood is home to Paul Revere’s house. This was a renowned patriot who rode to Lexington and Concord from Boston to warn other patriots leading the fight for independence that the British were on their way.

Before 2007, an expressway separated the neighborhood from the rest of the city of Boston. This isolation of sorts led residents to develop close community ties and establish strong family owned business as the community tried to sustain itself. After the Big Dig, the expressway was torn apart, and a lush green park leading up to the North End was created.

Here is a comprehensive account of what comes after the trip across the park.

Impressive Architecture

As soon as you set foot on the cobbled streets of the North End, you will notice the varying architectural styles as featured on different structures in the neighborhood. Each distinct style identifies the different inhabitants that have called the area home. Noticeable architectural styles include Post Medieval, Italianate and Early Georgian.

Mouthwatering Foodnorth end boston top restaurants

As previously stated, this part of the city is referred to as Little Italy; to put things into perspective, it is home to some of the best restaurants and eateries you can find in this part of the country. The area is home to a whopping 100 restaurants. Whether you want to have a slice of pizza or are looking to indulge your taste buds by sampling the finest dishes, the North End has what you want.

Festivals And Feasts

The North End hosts a variety of feasts and festivals each summer. The most popular of all being Saint Anthony’s Feast. Held on the last Sunday of August every year since 1919, the feast brings the neighborhood alive in the best of ways. Food, music, dance and costumes are the norm during what is considered to be the largest Italian religious festival in the state. Simply walking along the neighborhood’s cobbled streets during the feast feels electrifying to say the least.

To get a comprehensive feel of Boston’s North End, it is recommended that you start by exploring Hanover Street, the neighborhood’s main street, and then branch out to the side streets and Salem street, which is parallel to Hanover.