Dining With Us

While we navigate this unpredictable autumn and winter we’re remaining flexible. We’re going to continue offering patio dining until it just becomes too cold and we plan on making it festive! We’ll have outdoor heaters and foot warmers- the café lights will be blazing and the candles lit. We’re also offering limited indoor dining. Three tables spread well apart in our 2100 square foot restaurant. The door and windows will be open to allow for more air flow. Like the patio we’ll have foot warmers and electric fireplaces. We strongly urge reservations and cozy blankets for both. This is our way of maintaining the essence of Uncommon Feasts Cafe – the spirit, ingenuity and relaxed environment you’ve come to love. Elbows on the table, candles lit, soft music playing in the background, the sound of laughter across a table.


 Getting Started

evoo potato chips

marinated olives

harissa spiced nuts 

local vegetable pickles

cheese + meat plate

toasted kamut sourdough, ricotta, peach jam   

spice rubbed bluefin tuna, watermelon, avocado, spicy mayo  


yellow squash + goat cheese soup

charred shishito peppers + jalapeno-corn mayo 

cantaloupe melon + black forest ham

stuffed chard leaves + garlic creme 

andouille, Jimmy Nardello peppers, dragon beans 

red beets + seed crusted burrata 

saffron cauliflower + harissa


fettucine with heirloom tomatoes, wild mushrooms

crispy baby back ribs, beer mustard, slaw

chicken drumsticks + fried green tomatoes  

grass-fed ribeye, green onion chimichurri, new potatoes

roasted swordfish + ratatouille


lobster + ham club, pickle spear 

triple smoked bacon, arugula, yellow tomato 

open-face tuna melt, house chips

 bratwurst, pretzel bun, potato salad

falafel flatbread, zucchini + cherry tomato


heirloom tomato margherita 

summer sausage, Sierra Blanca onion, goat cheese 

bbq chicken pizza, shishito pepper, cheddar

arugula basil pesto + wild mushroom



sweet corn + buttermilk ice cream with blueberry compote

fig leaf ice cream with roasted figs

cantaloupe with sumac and served with marigold shortbread

honey roasted peaches with fennel ice cream









Any questions or concerns shoot us an email at ciao@uncommonfeasts.com or call us 781.592.5500.