Cafe + Menu

We’re lucky to have spent the last several years building strong relationships with local farmers, mongers and foragers. They deliver to us weekly, text us when they have something special, and sometimes show up at the kitchen door. Always fresh seasonal ingredients means a constantly changing menu; give us a call with any pricing questions or for pick up orders! Our hours: Tuesday through Wednesday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm,  Thursday and Friday 9 am- 10 pm, Saturday brunch 10:00 am -2:00 pm, dinner 6:00-10:00 Call us at: 781 – 592 -5500 or email for reservations (encouraged for parties of 6 or more).



Akabane toast slathered with housemade lemon cream
Shoku pan toast with nutella
breakfast polenta with fruits, dried nuts, honey
Noami’s Breakfast: ricotta whipped roasted pumpkin, honey, pomegranate, dates
avocado toast
buckwheat crepe with ham, cheese, egg
oat cakes with house lemon cream, sauteed apples
One MIghty Mill bagel with cream cheese
One Mighty Mill bagel sandwich with smoked bluefish, cream cheese, pickled vegetables
smoked fish platter: smoked salmon, trout, bluefish, mussels with One Mighty Mill bagel and all the trimmings
eggs al forno, olives, toast
piperade with a fried egg, pickled vegetables, crostini
Greek yogurt with housemade granola, jam
house made yogurt with French chestnut cream



soups served with Akabane bread~
Richard Olney’s garlic soup

sauteed rapini with lemon and garlic
carrots with rose harissa, farro, pistachio and spicy yogurt
little gem salad with chicory and tahini dressing
arugula, persimmon, pomegranate, date, cured olive
endive, olive, meyer lemon dressing
winter citrus salad with avocado, orange blossom and urfa 

plates, pizzas and sandwiches~
creamy scrambled eggs with chanterelle mushrooms
falafel sandwich on housemade flatbread, pickled vegetables, rose harissa, dates, pomegranate and tahini sauce
avocado toast
ham and brie sandwich
croque forestier~ melty cheesy sandwich with roasted mushrooms
croque monsieur~ melty cheesy sandwich with ham
slab of Akabane sourdough toast with creamy white beats, greens and meyer lemon relish
open face tuna and white bean sandwich
roasted sardines with housemade mayo and greens on sourdough toast
shrimp with saffron butter
pizza with arugula pesto, fried egg and parmesan
pizza with sausage, white beans and greens
Uncommon skirt steak burger with black olive aioli


juices and smoothies~
squeezed to order tangerine juice
squeezed to order blood orange juice
avocado, pineapple and almond butter smoothie
raspberry hibiscus smoothie
mango lassi 

house made cold brew
Uncommon Chai tea (hot or cold)
golden milk
Tea Is The Way ~ assorted teas
house made sodas ~ mint, rose, angelica, rosemary, apricot, black currant
house made shrub ~ cranberry

Friday & Saturday: wine, beer, sparkling wine cocktails – nightly menu subject to change



Thursday & Friday menu, for our Uncommon Saturdays dinner menus, visit our events calendar

Served in a style that’s meant for lingering at the table with family and friends; sharing good food, drinks and laughs!


working up an appetite~
artisanal cheese board served with house made jam
artisanal charcuterie platter served with house made pickles
artisanal cheese & charcuterie board: mix cheeses, meats, house jam & pickles
crostini: assortment of tinned fish, boquerones, creamy white bean, Duck Trap smoked mussels or smoked bluefish pate

small plates~

sauteed Alprilla Farm kale, maras pepper, garlic
steamed potatoes, Montpelier butter
roasted carrots, rose harissa, farro, pomegranate, pistachio, tahini
scrambled eggs, chanterelle mushrooms
avocado and winter citrus, orange blossom, urfa pepper

larger plates~

pizza with arugula pesto, fried egg and Parmesan cheese
pizza with white beans, greens, salumi
branzino with pomegranate salsa, frites
bucatini carbonara
slow roasted salmon, roasted beets, lentils, satsuma relish
pollo al latte: chicken braised in milk, cinnamon, lemon, sage, garlic
ground beef & pork burger, fries


orange olive oil cake with honey, yogurt
satsuma champagne sorbet
bittersweet Callabaut hot chocolate



Find us at:

The Lydia Pinkham Building, 271 Western Avenue, Lynn, MA  01904